About the Artist:
Mark Jenkins, specializes in male fitness, travel and black & white fine art photography.
His prints have been exhibited internationally in galleries, and his work has been published in numerous calendars and books, including his solo book “Watermark” published by Bruno Gmunder.

About the Models:
Mark has worked with some of the elite names in fitness modeling, including: Antonio Pozo, Diego Sechi, TJ Hoban, David Kimmerle, David Morin, Nick Topel, and Logan Franklin. His first experience with a top notch fitness model was shooting with Greg Plitt, who was a friend as well as a great model.

Artist’s Statement:
“I don’t think of myself as a spontaneous photographer who captures the moment. I prefer to capture one step removed from the moment, where reality fuses with imagination.”

On working with fitness models: “It’s important to click with the model and make sure they’re having fun, not working. If they feel personally invested in the shoot, creativity will flow.”